When was the last time you disinfected your phone?

disinfected your phone

I’m guessing you’re probably reading this on your phone right now, correct?



We’ve all read about our phones having 10x more germs than a public toilet and thought nothing further of it, all the meanwhile putting that dirty phone on our cheeks.

But with the recent focus on COVID-19 handwashing has become part of an hourly routine for most of us. Given phones are mostly either in someone’s hands or in some dark, warm germ breeding place, like a pocket, why spend all that time washing hands only to be touching our phones immediately afterwards? This product from MiLi has arrived at just the right time.



The PhonePure is made of lightweight water-resistant oxford cloth with a nice, premium feel to it. Zippers, pockets and straps also look and feel relatively premium.

Measuring approximately 18.5cm x 10cm x 2.5cm, comfortably fitting most large smart phones. Certainly, the writer’s iPhone 11 Pro fitted nicely. A few other objects were also tested, glasses, keys and accessories, all of which fit fine.



The device is powered by USB and can easily be plugged into any USB port. Activation is by a zipper activated magnetic switch which switches the pouch on when the zip is fully closed. This fail-safe mechanism prevents any UV light leakage which may cause retinal damage to users.



PhonePure does its business with two patented, state of the art UV-C light sources and completely reflective PEVA Lining. Optimal distancing is maintained by special support points within the pouch. The end result is a 360 degree kill zone within, killing and deactivating viruses at the RNA/DNA level, and ensures its UV-C COVID beams of death reach into every nook and cranny of anything inside. This is a tremendous improvement on traditional alcohol wipes or sprays which can typically only clean the surface areas of a phone.


There are plenty of studies and reports about the virus killing properties of UV-C lights. These numbers typically come in at 99.1% to 99.99% of germs are killable by UV-C.

The UV-C lights have an average lifecycle of nearly over 35,000 uses and for the germaphobes out there, that’s 10 uses per day, for 10 straight years!



Kill Process

Once an item is placed within the pouch and the zipper is closed, PhonePure makes a loud, audible beep signalling the sanitisation process has begun. The process takes five minutes after which a second beep is sounded noting the procedure has been completed. The items seem to come out with a slight but reassuring warmth. The product is light enough to be carried around regularly and the writer found ample opportunity to use it whilst working away on the laptop.

Interestingly, a whiffy string bracelet was sanitised and the smell was noticeably reduced afterwards. Presumably this effect is a result of odour causing bacteria being killed.



Final Thoughts

For those of you who care about not just your health but those around you, we highly recommend working this product into your hygiene routine.

The peace of mind this brings, without the harmful compounds that sanitising wipes or sprays would, cannot be measured by the small monetary investment required. You probably didn’t think you needed this, but you do!


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