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What is design? Why design?


As the world goes mobile, people are carrying more and more mobile devices with them. You must have experienced something like this: running low in battery, we’re looking for power source all the time in everyday life, whether it’s for work or travel. And the most embarrassing thing is: you can only charge one mobile device from one outlet.


Design is about finding a problem and solving it. Power adapter is a daily necessity that should be readily accessible. Through continuously observing people’s everyday life and focusing on consumers’ experience, MiLi has launched a new series of smart charging products.

MiLi Charger Station II the 6-port USB charger

A good companion for your family, work and travel

Design is about people. Design is to make life better. Everyone has a different lifestyle, so MiLi aims to create products that can satisfy the wide diversity of lifestyles among people.


How do you define good design?


German industrial designer Dieter Rams set out 10 important principles for “good design”.



Good design is innovative


Unlike the old single-port chargers, Charger Station II adopts 6-USB port design, which can fulfill the charging needs of up to six mobile devices at a time with only one power source. No more waiting turns to charge your devices.


Good design makes a product useful


Charger Station II is pragmatically pleasing and convenient. The charger works with voltage standards from 100 to 240V, suitable for worldwide use. Handy unit for traveling and business trips.


Good design is aesthetic


Charger Station II has a classic look with a unique touch of rationality and simplicity. The curved edge design makes it ergonomically comfortable to hold. The elegance is in the detail - the rounded bevel design.


Good design makes a product understandable


Charger Station II is simple and self-explanatory. You’ll know how to use it just by the first look of it. There is an individual LED indicator for each USB port.A blinking light indicates charging is in progress, while a solid light indicates charging is done.


Good design is unobtrusive


Charger Station II is a practical charging tool. The vertically stacked USB ports eliminate cord clutter, making your charging experience more convenient. A good companion for your family, work and travel!


Good design is honest


Charger Station II doesn’t have a fancy look, but it’s of high quality and true to its claims – charge you up.


Good design is long-lasting


Every part of Charger Station II is designed with excellent craftsmanship. Encased in elegant grey, the charger is a pure design made with pure materials, long-lasting and durable.


Good design is thorough down to the last detail


Good design is thorough down to the last detail. MiLi pays attention to every detail, from material selection to packaging design, and perfectly renders pragmatic products in exquisite craftsmanship.


Good design is environmentally-friendly


Charger Station II is made of high-quality eco-friendly materials. Conscientious craftsmanship is a promise to consumers.


Good design is as little design as possible


Charger Station II sticks to the design philosophy of “less is more” - a commitment to high quality and simple craftsmanship. By going back to basics and decluttering your life, you can enjoy a simple, efficient and quality lifestyle.

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