MiLi Mag-Air Charger

MiLi Mag-Air Charger

MiLi has a history of offering the right product at the right time and with Apple’s recent removal of an included charger with it’s new iPhone 12, MiLi has once again hit the bullseye with its Mag-Air Charger.


Wireless charging is inefficient compared to wired charging but, on contrary, is more convenient, less messy and less torn, broker cables down the line. Often just a styling statement, the technology behind wireless charging has developed to the point where it’s now seriously valid alternative to wired charging.



The Design

The sleek, circular design is an interpretation of MiLi’s motto, small is beautiful and suits any phone, tablet or earphones which supports wireless charging. By way of comparison, the pad is only 5mm thick, versus the iPhone 12 which comes in at 7.4mm.

The charging side of the pad is tempered glass with built in heat dissipation functionality to reduce the heat exposure to the device being charged and the sides of the pad is a smooth metallic shell which gives the product a very premium finish.  

As a whole, very sleek, very portable and highly appealing.


Charging It

The Mag-Air can wirelessly charge at up to 15W fast charge, the highest possible for even the latest devices, including the iPhone 12. A sixty-minute charge test showed the iPhone 12 Pro going from 0% to abit under 60%, not bad at all. The Mag-Air was also tested with a silicon case over the iPhone and appeared to charge normally.

The magnetic function of the charger also solves one of the most annoying pet-peeve users have against wireless chargers, a phone that fails to charge because it wasn’t placed at exactly the right spot the entire time. This writer has had too many nights where the phone simply failed to charge.

Mag-Air solves this by ensuring it is locked to the phone at the right place for the entire time. And. This. Is. Simply. Glorious. The pad snaps on with the most satisfying click and most importantly, stays on for the entire night. Obviously, this function only works with phones which have the magnetic clamps in place like the iPhone 12. The magnetic force is also strong enough to hold the charging pad in place to charge the phone whilst the phone is being used.


Safety Tech

Safety was obviously of immense concern to the engineers at Mili and rightly so. Protections against short circuit, over current, over-heating, over voltage, low voltage, over charging, electromagnetic field, foreign object accidental activation and more. The whole kitchen sink has been thrown in for the benefit of its customers. Thankfully this not only creates a safer environment for its users, but also creates a safer environment for our phones being charged and prolonging battery life AND the lifespan of the phone



The MiLi Mag-Air Charger is an interesting proposition. It has the same functions and charging speeds as the much more expensive Apple charging pad but with a far lower-price tag and arguably sexier design. It’s an up-and-coming brand focused on bringing consumer-oriented products to market. Just as importantly, when a company puts in so much effort towards product safety, you know it’s here for the long run.

This is an excellent introduction to the Mili product range and the Mili Mag-Air Charger is definitely a product worth trying if you’re in the market for a wireless charging pad.

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