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More and more electronic products are being upgraded to wireless charging and fast charging. Related charging products are also following the trend, launching a series of products with wireless charging and PD fast charging functions, such as PD fast charging power bank, wireless charging power bank, fast charging car charger, fast charging cable and so on.

At present, the iPhone fast charge supports up to 7.5W, and the Android phone supports up to 10W.


Product List:

Power King II   Power Magic II     Power Nova II   Smart Speed

(1) PD Fast Charge Protocol Test 

Test Tool: Power-Z  PD Tester


Test Result: Four products all use PD 3.0 fast charging protocol


*The PD 3.0 fast charge protocol is the most widely used fast charge protocol for charging products. It can charge the iPhone 8-XR with Type-C to Lightning Cable, and charge 50% in 30 minutes. MiLi’s PD fast charging series can provide fast charging to all electronic devices that support fast charging.


(2) Wireless Charging Power Test


Product List:

Power King II & Power Magic II


Test Tool: QI Wireless Charging Tester


Power King II  Output Power:9.13V/1.01A  9.2W


Power Magic II Output Power:9.05V/0.96A  8.7W


Wireless charging not only eliminates the cumbersome charging with cable, but also saves about 3 times of the charging time with 10W compared with ordinary charging. Note that the current wastage caused by the influence of air and product distance, the voltage fluctuating between 8.9V and 10V, and the current fluctuating between 0.9A and 1.0A are normal, and the charging speed is still fast.


(3) Temperature Test

Power King II & Power Magic II

Test Tool: Temperature Tester


Power Magic II  Wireless Charging Temperature:29.9℃

Power King II   Wireless Charging Temperature:30.4℃


We can check on Apple’s official website that the operating environment of the iPhone is suitable for 0-35 °C, and the actual feel temperature is slightly hot. In this temperature range, charging of mobile phone is safe.

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