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Many of you probably have no idea about PPAI, so let MiLi introduce it to you!


PPAI stands for Promotional Products Association International, an exhibition for promotional items in Las Vegas, US. In the Entertainment Capital of the World, where luxury is the name of the game, the world’s premier tech show CES and the biggest gifts fair PPAI take place every year.

Right after CES had ended, MiLi attended the PPAI expo and took on tough challenges from global consumers without a halt.



MiLi caught the eyes of everyone again with their innovative smart products, attracting a bigcrowdaround the booth.




The challenger spirit of the brand:

MiLi storms PPAI with their blue tote bags

MiLi surprised attendees and received lots of inquiries with their dazzling array of smart gifts!

At PPAI, you can easily spot MiLi’s sharp blue brand colour.


MiLi’s blue tote bags took PPAI by “blue” storm at PPAI!

My little blue bag looks so chic and stylish~




Three big secrets that make MiLi’s smart gifts attractive to gift buyers

Original, practical and beautiful


At the fair, MiLi presented a wide range of smart product series across various areas such as smart health, smart storage and smart charging. Theirdiversified assortment of innovative smart products instantly became the limelight of the trade show.

MiLi’s brand new smart storage series offers a wide range of new smart storage solutions, which are designed to address the insufficient storage issue.

MiLi’s brand new smart health series can take your skincare routine to an evidence-based level. This series of products, combined with the use of smart App, enable users to hydrate and protect their skin from sun damage in a proper way.

MiLi’s brand newlifestyleseriesMiLi SoundMate——Stylish Bluetooth Speaker.

“1+n” Creative Mode,One Bluetooth speaker coming with three case options.


A smart gift experience beyond expectation
MiLi’s innovative smart gift advertising model


MiLi, as a renowned brand in the gift industry, has been digging deep for the commercial value of smart gifts based on years of industry experience and successfully pioneers the smart gift advertising model.


This year at PPAI, MiLi’s smart gift advertising model grabs the spotlight, attracting intense attention from global gift buyers.

Give away a MiLi smart gift that has an advertisement incorporated in its App.The recipient will see the ad every time he uses the App.The content of the incorporated ad can be updated anytime for any brand events or new product promotion.This model effectively increases brand influence and creates the best value for global gift buyers.




MiLi gets interviewed by PPAI organizer
Deliver the idea of smart gifting to all US gift buyers


MiLi’s smart products and smart gifting model got massive attention at PPAI.PPAI organizer interviewed and introduced MiLi to all US gift buyers.


This year at PPAI, MiLi showcased their brand new series of smart products.

Smart gift customization model leads a new trend of smart gifting throughout the US.

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