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About MiLi ORBITA360:
My design concept: The work environment is a constantly expanding space in which devices and technologies surround us and assist us during all types of activities. The user becomes a central element of this space and needs accessories to utilize their devices better. Orbita 360 was born from the simple desire to create accessories with elegant and intuitive designs that upgrade our workstations and improve our working experience.

There's never been a better way to use your laptop and cellphone together. Don't strain your neck any longer looking up and down between screens, now you can use both devices easily at the same time.

MiLi ORBITA360 is a magnetic phone holder that supports the MagSafe function of the latest iPhones.

Turn your laptop, computer, or tablet device into the ideal high-efficiency workstation to enhance your efficiency and productivity, whether at home in the office, or in any public space.

You can attach the ORBITA360 mount to virtually any laptop, tablet, and monitor.

  • Strong Magnetic
  • Supports MagSafe
  • Compatible With All Phones
  • Easy Installation
  • Compact Size 
  • 180° Rotation


Supports MagSafe

The MiLi ORBITA360 is fully compatible with the MagSafe feature of the iPhone 12 and 13 and MagSafe cases. The built-in magnets perfectly align with the MagSafe interests, providing a stable connection, enhancing efficiency, and delivering a better office experience.

Strong Magnetic

With nine built-in magnets to hold your phone securely, you can be sure that your phone stays fixed to the stand no matter how much your monitor shakes. Depending on the weight of your device, the magnetic bond between MiLi ORBITA360's magnets and your device is enough to support your phone without any attachments safely.


Metal Ring Included

There is no need to worry if your phone is not MagSafe supported. Every package includes a metal ring with a 3M adhesive on the back that can be attached to any phone case. Thanks to these rings, you can use the ORBITA360 on any device you wish!

Easy Installation

Installation requires only a few simple steps. Without additional operations, find the location you want to install → tear off the 3M adhesive → install in the place you choose. No matter where it is mounted, make sure the direction of the arrow on the ORBITA is always facing downwards.

180° Adjustable

MiLi ORBITA360 mount supports 180 degrees adjustment. When you are not using it, you can fold it, easy to carry it on your laptop. You can also use it in two ways. You can place your phone in two positions when installing it in the corner, as shown above.

Compact Size

MiLi ORBITA360 is so thin that you won’t feel it. Thanks to its thickness of 0.14 inches and ergonomically smooth edges, MiLi ORBITA360 is nearly invisible when using and carrying the device. When you store your device in the storage bag, you will not feel that it will burden you and take up any extra space, genuinely portable.

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