Will Power Delivery Charge Damage the Battery?

Will Power Delivery Charge Damage the Battery?

At present, 99% of the batteries applied to smart electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and game consoles arelithium batteries. The design lifetime of a lithium battery is about 500 cycles. Assuming that the frequency of one charge per day, the total capacity of a new mobile phone battery will become about 80% of the original after one year and a half.


First,So whatAffects theBatteryLife?


The aging speed of a lithium battery is determined by the temperature and state of charge. We tested the battery capacity of a lithium battery after one year of use. (*Data from MiLi Lab)



Charging From 0%-40%

ChargingFrom 0%-100%











From the table, the high state of charge and elevated temperature accelerate the decrease in battery capacity. In addition to the controllable state of charge factors, the greatest impact on battery life is theincreasing temperature.


In fact, both fast charging and normal charging can cause damage to battery life. PD fast charging achieves fast charging for electronic devices by increasing the charging power. When charging, it will produce more heat than slow charging, thus the temperature is higher than slow charging, which is within the safe range.


Second, Will PowerDelivery ChargeDamage theBattery?


(1) When the power of the electronic device reaches 80%, with use of Power Delivery Charge, the charging mode is switched to the low-power trickle charging, and the temperature is lowered.

(2) MiLi’s PowerDelivery Charge products, by optimizing and improving the product chip, provide multiple charge protection - intelligent recognition of over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, etc., which minimizes damage to the battery.

(3) Electronic devices of different brands that support fast charging will optimize the performance of the products and provide protection for fast charging.


Although the Power Delivery Charge brings higher heat, the technician has placed a smart security chip in the development of PD technology and charging equipment, providing over-temperature, over-current and over-voltage protection, which has little impact and damage on the battery.


In addition, users should pay attention to the purchase of reliable brands and quality-certified PD products when purchasing PD fast-charge products.


TIPS: How to Extend the Battery Life of Mobile Phones?


1. Don’t use your phone while charging

In daily use, many people are used to playing games while charging, and it will cause the temperature of the mobile phone to rise sharply, which will seriously accelerate the aging of the battery.


2. Whenuse fast charging,cut off the powersupplyafter fully charged

During the privious period(0-50%) of the Power Delivery Charge, the charging speed is fast, the temperature is relatively high, and the second half is slow and the temperature is lowered. Frequently cutting off the power supply after the first half of fast charging will reduce battery activity and accelerate aging.

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